BIRK Rundkartonagen
Company History

Company History

The BIRK–Cardboard Packaging Company – High-quality packaging solutions in paper and cardboard for over 130 years!


Founding of the company by the master wainwright Michael Birk and his wife Maria, production of cases for harmonicas made by Hohner in Trossingen/Germany.


Expansion of the range of products. Production of shipping and storage containers made of paper and cardboard for consumer products, especially drugstore and pharmacy supplies, tobacco, personal care products, confectionery, and later glass bottles and jars for pharmaceutical and clinic supplies.


Between the two world wars, expansion of export trade overseas and establishment of major sales offices in Mexico and South America. Development of greaseproof cardboard ointment containers. Printing of coloured, embossed labels according to individual customer requirements. At the same time global distribution of products and instruments for the medical technology industry from renowned manufacturers located in Tuttlingen.


Due to the impact of WorldWar II, loss of the economic basis for exports. Owner family BIRK turned its focus once more entirely to the development and production of packaging for consumer products with paper and cardboard as the raw material.


During the early stages of the economic boom, production of round and oval boxes as well as square boxes as packaging for well-known national and international brand products for confectionery, personal care products, pharmaceutical products lasting over several decades.


Streamlining of the product range and concentration on the round shape. Production of high-quality spiral wrapped round boxes for consumer products and for numerous applications and industries at home and abroad.


ISO certification and certification of food-grade packaging according to the BRC / IoP Global Standard.


Certification of hygiene management according to the latest standard BRC 4 / Global Standard for Packaging.


Sale of the over 100-year-old urban production facilities of Mich.G.Birk GmbH & Co. by the owner family. Clearance of the facilities in Tuttlingen and relocation of active operations to the new site in Meßkirch during the following year.


A family-based solution for succession within the previous owner family Birk/Kossin could not be found. The long-time key account manager and head of sales J. Wößner acquires current operations, running it at the new site in Meßkirch in the specially conceived production facility with an unchanged client and employee base under the name BIRK Rundkartonagen GmbH & Co. KG.