BIRK Rundkartonagen
Round boxes

Round boxes

Round boxes refer to all types of round shapes, in paper or cardboard with or without printing, safe for direct contact with foodstuffs, delicate for fine quality products or practically solid for technical requirements with predetermined material specifications.

We distinguish between different types of round boxes: rings made of cardboard, open sleeves, closed sleeves, flared tubes, two in one boxes, telescope packaging, sifters, swivel boxes, three in one boxes and various special types of luxury tubes.

Valid for all BIRK round boxes:

You want the best packaging solution for your product. What type of round packaging is right for you depends on many factors: on the inner lining, on the design, on the method of filling, but ultimately on the price.

Have a look for your needs and contact us to answer any question you might have and to get a preliminary suggested pricing offer.