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Telescope boxes

Telescope boxes

The telescope box is currently our most popular packaging solution. It consists of 2 crimped parts in different diameters with cardboard discs at the ends. The lower part in the smaller diameter contains your product.

The lid is put over the lower part from above like a slip lid, but in the case of a telescope box it reaches so far down that only a small gripping edge of 1-2 cm from the lower part remains visible. A strong pumping effect is created by the air pressure when opening and closing the box, which is a quality feature of these boxes on the one hand, and on the other hand prevents a box from losing its lid too easily, even with heavy contents.

The fact that you get an additional design area because both the outer sleeve (visible before purchase) and the inner sleeve (surprisingly visible from the first opening) can be printed over the entire surface is another feature that makes these boxes so popular with creative and packaging designers.

As the packaging is made exclusively of cellulose cardboard and cellulose paper, it can be kept free of composite materials and plastic, disposed of completely with the paper waste or composted without hesitation.