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3 in 1 / drums

The completely closed drum is the finest, most delicate and most striking of our solutions and hence the highest quality type of round box. You can specify any height of the visible division between the lower part and the lid. The exteriors of the lower part and the lid are flush fitted, enabling a continuous printed image, and are joined on the interior with either a collar or neck, into which your product is filled.

The neck of the interior of the container can have either a straight cut top, like a tube, or be curled at the top to smooth off the edge and to allow repeated opening and closing of the lid. Whether the neck inside remains so high that it reaches just below the cover disk, or stops at a lower point to visually present the product when the package is opened just depends on the respective application. From a technical standpoint, our manufacturing process accommodates all options to provide the most appropriate solution for your future premium product.